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“Love is the most durable power in the world. This creative force, so beautifully exemplified in the life of our Christ, is the most potent instrument available in mankind's quest for peace and security.”- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I have reached the realization that love is the hope of humanity. It always has been and it always will be.

Every man or woman despite their circumstance, ethnicity, or socio-economic status deserves our love. It is not some grandiose idea that is too big to understand, it is simple.

Until we stand in solidarity with the poor and the homeless, unless we right wrongs of history that have never been addressed, unless we redistribute value and wealth, our love is fraudulent.

This is disturbing to many good and upstanding people. How could I suggest that their love is not real because they don’t want to change systems, because they don’t want to change the world? What about their benevolence, what about their charity?

What about it?

Christ stood in solidarity with those who lived on the margins and transgressed the boundaries of what was socially acceptable. When religious systems demanded

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